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A remarkable woman with an amazing story to tell

This week I met a remarkable woman with an amazing story to tell. Wherever I speak, I encourage people to write, to share their stories, to get going with that book they know they need to create. She

came up at the end of the presentation. "Can you talk for a minute?" "I sure can." She was pregnant at 16. This was not part of her plan or her faith. After much prayer she decided to let her baby be adopted. She prayed every day that her child would be loved and would know God. "I never worried or grieved at birthdays or holidays. I knew God was taking care of my child." Peace usually not part of such life experience. She eventually met her husband and they are raising 5 children. And then it happened. By a remarkable series of events she and her daughter were reunited and have become close friends as well as their two families. And her heart's prayer had been answered for her child. Her story needs the telling. So many who have been through similar experiences would be encouraged, brought closer to healing. She is 9 chapters in. I hope her daughter will be part of the writing- such a place for a book like this. What about you? It is time. Get started. Finally respond to that little voice ( or maybe loud one). Start writing. If I can help.....

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