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I have seen the wonder of love

On the other side of the glass that separates the main restaurant seating from the side porch she sits with a glass of wine. She smiles at something on her cell phone then sets it down. She is thin and her face wears the pale gray yellow of a cancer battle, head wrapped in a colored bandanna not quiet covering her baldness. He arrives and sits. Their food is there in minutes. Evidently she has already ordered. She is halfway through her salad, a deep sigh, a hand to her throat. She sets her fork down and leans into him. He puts his arm around her. She touches his hand and he enfolds it with his own. They stand, his arm around her again. No check but He tosses more than enough to cover their meal on the table. I have seen the wonder of love. May your hand and your heart be enfolded by another. And should the chance come for you to do the same do not pass it.......

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