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"Mister, do you need some help?"

Unloading a brief case and a hanging bag. They sit beside the SUV's back door while I grab my cell phone off the front seat. I had seen him down the block moving slow on a green bike. He is beside me on the sidewalk as I hit lock on the key and turn. Maybe 9 years old. He and the bike a little worse for wear. "Mister, do you need some help?" I smile. "Thank you. Very kind. But it isn't much to carry." His face shifts from expectant to sad. "I need to earn some money. Please let me help you." "Why do you need money?" He ducks his head. "I am hungry. Haven't had anything since yesterday." (It is late afternoon.) He wipes at his eyes, his face still turned away. "I'll be glad to give you some money for food." I take his hand and press some bills into it. "But I didn't do anything to earn this." He tries to hand it back. "Please keep the money. That you were willing to earn it is enough." I am not sure he understands this. "Just promise me something. One day when you are older and you have money of your own, buy a meal for someone who is hungry. He takes me in. Eyes clear. I will. I promise." He turns the bike back down the sidewalk. I gather my things. Half way down the block he turns. "Thanks mister. Thanks a lot." If you have read my book, you know I purpose one good deed a day. Of late they have been finding me and I have greeted their opportunities warmly. I invite to join my little good deed a day movement. It will bring you closer to your truest self and understanding the grace God offers us. And in the process you will leave another life changed forever no matter how great or small the deed. One good deed....

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