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What people say

“Entertaining. Impactful. Spiritual. Left us all wanting more.”


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You’ll find these four words along the bottom of the cover of my first book, Leaving Fingerprints. They are a chunk of the way God helps me define and live my life. How remarkable He is!

Along with my work in community mental health, I travel and speak to a variety of groups around the country. This is pure joy for me, fulfilling my purpose and finding wonderful people wherever I go. IN one way or another, I have been doing this for 35 years.

What is most important to me is this….something I will say will find its way into your heart, into your life. Something you purpose to do or become or practice.  …Something that leaves you better, stronger, happier…more remarkable than you already are.

My presentations are interactive, energetic, entertaining. Believe me I have suffered  through some of the most boring trainings ever created. I have vowed never to be “that guy.” I am a teller of stories, rich illustrations…you will need two items for sure- your funny bone and a box of Kleenex.


I believe in the end I will “make you proud” as we say in the South. You can read some of the things people have said straight from evaluations and emails. And, I can offer references if you need some reassurance.


One of my most recent compliments came from a long time incredibly successful speaker who I want to like be when I grow up. “You did real good, boy, real good. Wish I wasn’t following you today.”

Most speaking requests start out something like this: So and so said you were a great presenter and we should get you for our conference. Would you be free on these dates…how much do you charge…could you talk about (topic)…could you speak an hour and a half (time)…how much do you charge?

– The purpose of my life, thus far.

Matt Presenting at Arkansas State University

Photo by- Electric Peach Graphics

Meeting Matt- Author of Leaving Fingerprints

Video by- Electric Peach Graphics

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Speaker Fees

Money- my least favorite subject. Should I win a decent lottery, I will do this pretty much for free. Until then please cover me…. will need the usual-





I ask for $1000 per hour or so for the presentation. And I would like to offer my book. I will have some with me and be glad to sign them while I am there.

All of this is negotiable and can be bundled into one fee.

You can contact me at but I would rather hear your sweet voice 870-972-4912.

Should you get my voice mail, I promise I will respond to your message promptly.

Leaving Fingerprints

Stories and lessons from the book.

Fluid Leadership

One size doesn’t fit all, leading in a very diverse world.


A very different approach for mental health professionals, also for business.

Surviving Change

Reframing its inevitable demands, finding the potential gift it offers.

Anger Management

Effective ways to understand and control the burn.

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Planning, embracing, and living the life you want.


An easy to complete assessment, then application of your traits to relationships, work… excellent insight to the rich diversity of yourself and others.

Stress Management

A deeper look, most effective interventions. 

Living Your Best Life

Practical applications from positive psychology, mindfulness, happiness research.


Alligator River, Zombie Apocalypse…fun exercises to identify your core values and live them more consistently.

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