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... tales and lessons learned from a (so far) remarkable life

Leaving Fingerprints

My Story

For the last fifteen years, Matthew Knight has worked in education, public relations, and marketing for Mid-South Health Systems, an Arkansas Community Mental Health corporation.  He develops and provides a variety of training programs for business, industry, and educational groups as well as Mid-South staff.  In addition Matthew handles much of the public relations and marketing in Mid-South’s thirteen county area.  Prior to his current position, Matthew was director and therapist at Mid-South’s Paragould Outpatient Clinic for three years.


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, he has thirty years experience in mental health services. He provides education, consulting, and motivational presentations across the U.S. In addition he has been a junior and senior high public school teacher, the administrator of a private school, started two businesses, written music in Nashville, produced an award winning motion picture, and traveled extensively. His first book, “Leaving Fingerprints”, is available on Amazon.


Matthew completed his bachelor’s degree in education at Arkansas State University, a master’s degree in counseling psychology and family studies at the University of Tennessee, and pursued post graduate studies in psychology at ASU.

Matthew Knight

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"How long do we need to be gathered?
Until it's time to go home.
How simple."
Leaving Fingerprints
my book

Leaving Fingerprints 

My friend, Susan, describing what this book is about-

"The stories will inspire you…give you pause to contemplate your fingerprints on the lives

of those you love."


I appreciate her words and trust she is right.In the telling of these tales, I truly do want to inspire you, nudge you closer to your best self. She believes I will leave some valuable fingerprints on your life when you read this book. That was and is my intent.


So, here are some of my adventures and observations- lessons learned, insight gained, most of the scars healed, sweet wonder remembered. Looking at it as best I can through eyes of time and God, it has been remarkable


Here’s your part. Find your favorite spot for reading. Take it a story at a time, allowing for some after-thinking- evaluation, application, maybe even some notes.

If Susan is right (and she usually is), the book will help you see something remarkable in your life, in your stories, and in the finger prints, you will leave on the hearts of others.

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